The First Water – DAR


Stereo sound recording, 04:36

The work is a documentation of an experiment that I conducted during my stay at DAR (Druskininkai Artists’ Residence) in Lithuania in September 2019.

As a point of departure I took my recent recording of a 1974 vinyl of José Carbonell Garcia’s pasadoble Susprios del Serpis originally from 1955. Due to the age and condition of the turntable used the stylus moved back and forth repeatedly, so the same phrase kept repeating. 

Inspired by Alvin Lucier’s work I’m Sitting in a Room (1969), I played the recording in the room where I was staying and re-recorded it. This new recording was then played back and re-recorded again.  I repeated the process until the music was replaced by what Lucier described as the “resonant harmonies and tones of the room itself”. 

Headphones are recommended for listening to this recording.