Interpretation of an Ordinary Landscape I & II

2016-2017, 2021-2022

Two lightboxes (image size 96,5 x 134 cm, 106 x 145 cm), 8-channel sound installation, wooden frame (137 x 197 cm)

The work started as an intervention: a gilded frame suspended over the Tämnarån landscape on the outskirts of Karlholmsbruk, Sweden, where I was living at the time. I then asked locals and invited guests to meet me by the frame and I recorded their impressions, memories and associations triggered by the landscape. The frame was in place for 123 days during which I took several photos of the landscape and then later superimposed them into one image.

A unique version of the work including the original frame has been acquired by Tierp council and can be seen in the foyer of the culture house Möbeln in Tierp. A second edition of the lightbox is in the collection of Public Art Agency Sweden (Statens konstråd).