Player Piano


6 performances and audiovisual installations, collaboration with an architect, sound artist, researcher and lecturer in sound art at Konstfack Ricardo Atienza

Can anyone make and enjoy music regardless of their musical skills and knowledge? How can we question the barrier between music consumers and music producers? Ricardo and I asked ourselves these questions when we initiated the project. The starting point was Klaverens Hus, a collection of Swedish analogue keyboard instruments many of which are not in a playing condition. We sampled some of them and created an interface that would allow ‘playing’ with this collection in real time. One- and two day installations and performances were organized in Lövstabruk, Tierp, Stockholm and Vilnius during a two year period.

With support from Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Konstfack, Tierp Municipality, Region Uppsala and Lithuanian Culture Council.

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Watch a selection of videos related to the project here.